The Analysis of Sport software has been created by a group of ex world class elite referees, coaches and sports psychologists in a range of sports that want to get their players to use the software for a range of learning, development, evaluation and assessment tools that can help moderate, standardise and analyse performances.

The software enables a total gap and skills analysis to work alongside an e-learning portfolio that has specific scenario based tasks that can be tagged and created from live recordings of performances by the individual, referees, coaches or teams. 

This creates a bank of evaluation and decision clips, best practice, skills and actions that each players, officials and individuals have performed in a game, tactic, set play or practice. 

All these aspects can also be referenced within the software to and create best practice models or discussion points for forums and one to one mentoring sessions and evaluation sessions between the coach and performer, assessors, peer to peers and associations to drive standards upwards to each criteria and most importantly the performance levels of the players, teams and participants.

Personalised learning and action plans are created in the software so that discussions can take place face to face or within blended sessions to work towards objectives, action plans, KPIs to professional standards and criteria.

All this is done online via our secure and encrypted software.