Our Analysis of Sport has been created by a range of ex professional sport performers and athletes, ex world class referees in a range of sports, present professional sporting coaches of the highest calibre (who were ex professionals) in their specific sports, and finally sports psychologists that are working at the elite level of world sport.

Luckily and skilfully they have all modelled and amended the software to create the coaching aspect of the portfolio that enables:


  • Skills, drills, set plays and tactics can be constantly evaluated and assessed via, team, cohort, and abilities.
  • Emotions, expectations, decision making, psychological and tactical aspects can all be evaluated and view by our team of expert elite coaches.
  • Application of knowledge in comparison to objectives help blend and evaluate the coaching to the perfect model.
  • Coaching bank of performances, drills and skills can be tagged live and into a highlight reel, best practice, or learning portfolio for professional development.