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Analysis of Performance

• Use our software to analyse gaps in skills, knowledge and performance by our cognitive and psychological evaluation processes.
• Analyse set plays, decisions made, tactics and outcomes that link to their objectives by making everyone think, learn and improve.
• Record and track progress in a player, team, cohort, skill, drill, practice and tactic through this innovative learning and analysis process by offering personalised targets.
• Create clear and precise action plans from players strengths and weaknesses.

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Analysis of Results

• Analyse and evaluate players actions and gaps in knowledge, performances and judgements.
• Compare and assess the perfect model, tactic and skill base to targets and objectives.
• Create a knowledge bank of resources and clips of correct and incorrect decisions made to compare to the results / outcomes.
• Evaluate outcomes, results and performances over time to criteria focused laws and standards specific to each individual.

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Decision Making

• Step by step, stage by stage, level by level development, assessment and monitoring.
• Flexible and adaptable analysis that evaluates the decisions made practically, mentally and emotionally.
• Continuous assessment and mentoring from the world elite officials / coaches in their specific field.
• Decision banks for discussion / forums and presentations focus on key points in deliver.

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• Professional feedback and analysis by our team of elite world class coaches, officials and players.
• Ease of instant access and timetabled session with mentors to overcome accessibility issues.
• Flexible delivery and engagement from targets, criteria and objectives that link to action plans and KPIs.
• Tailored mentoring packages which can be face to face, blended or online.

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• Instant assessment and feedback on performance, results, targets and actions that are quicker, more efficient and easier to perform.
• Based on standards and criteria by professional personnel that creates milestones and targets for individual or group / team to progress to.
• Competency based assessment that corresponds to documentation, elearning resources, virtual scenarios and tasks to enhance personal accountability and judgements.
• Laws, tactics, decisions made, and actions performed are all assessed and evaluated over time with a mentor that offers feedback and targets / action plans.

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• Skills, drills, set plays and tactics can be constantly evaluated and assessed via, team, cohort, and abilities.
• Emotions, expectations, decision making, psychological and tactical aspects can all be evaluated and view by our team of expert elite coaches.
• Application of knowledge in comparison to objectives help blend and evaluate the coaching to the perfect model.
• Coaching bank of performances, drills and skills can be tagged live and into a highlight reel, best practice, or learning portfolio for professional development.

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• Support and guidance by our elite team of world class ex referees to help guide, advise and progress the future
• Up to date knowledge of new laws and the enforcement of the new changes
• Game by game analysis, performance over time analysis
• Tailored feedback and mentoring sessions for all referees at all levels

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• Targets, assessment, action plans and milestones and achievement records all within one process.
• Portfolio and evidence gathering stored in one secure online platform.
• Visible progress, standard and tracking for any level of coach, player, official or administrator.
• Safeguarding, Central record keeping, law changes, updates and guidance available via our elearning portfolio.


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